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Going Around the World in 80 Days

Whoa.. What? You heard me, that’s what we’re doing. I know it sounds a little crazy, but my significant other and I plan to visit ten countries in just 80 days. That means we’ll have about a week in each country – give or take travel time from one to the next (and any hiccups along the way).

Where are we going?

When are we going?

Currently the plan is to go from May to August 2018. This is the most ideal window because I will be graduating college just before then and before I go out and get myself a job out in the big bad world, we thought it would be a good idea to go check it out first. Let the penny pinching begin!

Why would we do this?

The simplest explanation: We both have an incurable travel bug in our souls. Him because he moved every two or three years growing up and myself because I stayed in one spot my whole life. Last year we went to Southeast Asia and we want to go as many places as possible before we’re too old to trek around the tough places!

How are we managing such a thing?

  • Saving
  • Planning
  • Research

We’ve been blessed to live in a situation where the only bills we have to worry about are my medical ones. So, we’ve just been putting money away and will continue doing so for the next year in preparation for this.

You can never do enough planning. You can never do enough planning. You can never do enough planning! Of course we can shift the destinations around a bit if we like, but planning as far as possible in advance is what makes any trip run as smoothly as possible.

It also helps to thoroughly research everywhere you’re going. This way you’ll know what you want to do, want to see, and want to eat. It can be fun to go places and just sort of wing it, but it’s better to do that in your home country. Plane tickets can also be difficult. We recently found a website called AirTreks that helps you smoothly arrange and obtain your tickets.